Clinical Anesthesiology Fellowship Objectives

General Objectives

The Department of Anesthesiology at Queen's University offers a post certification one-year fellowship in General Clinical Anesthesiology. The fellowship is designed to provide enhanced broad-based clinical training and responsibility beyond the certification level as well as clinical research opportunities. The clinical fellowship is designed to meet the needs of those interested in pursuing either an academic career or in furthering their clinical skills prior to entering clinical practice. Fellows will primarily practice independently, however, attending staff will be immediately available.

Specific Objectives

By the completion of the fellowship year, a fellow will:

  • Be competent and capable in managing a wide variety of elective and emergency anesthetics
  • Be confident in delivering anesthetics for patients with severe co-morbidities and/or complicated surgical procedures
  • Be able to deliver care outside of the operating room, i.e. labour and delivery, acute pain service, resuscitation, cardioversions, radiology suite (diagnostic and interventional) and pre-operative assessment clinics
  • Be able to provide consultation services to other specialties
  • Be proficient in teaching other learners in the operating room such as residents, medical students and paramedical personnel
  • Understand the fundamentals of clinical research either to embark on an academic career or enable one to practice the critical appraisal of the literature needed to understand controversial issues and new ideas

If a fellow has an interest in a particular subspecialty of anesthesiology, that should be brought to the attention of the coordinator within the first two months. At that time, we will aim to designate 25% of their clinical time to that area of interest, and enlist support from faculty members in that subspecialty. Further effort will be made to develop reading lists and research projects and to help increase the fellow's expertise in that area.


Fellows will spend eighty percent of their time in the clinical environment. They will be expected to manage their cases independently. However, there will always be attending staff available on site should problems, questions or anything else unusual arise. They will also be expected to supervise and teach medical students and residents in the operating room setting. Fellows will be expected to do 2nd, 3rd and 4th call during the week (Monday to Friday), but no weekend or unsupervised night work.

Twenty percent of their time will be spent on clinical research or study. Fellows are expected to participate in a clinical research project, with the goal of completing their project by the end of the year and submitting the results for publication and/or presentation.

Fellows are expected to participate in the academic activities of the department including rounds, conferences and journal clubs. Specifically, they will be expected to present one Grand Rounds and one CORE resident teaching session (together with a staff member). This can be in an area of their choice. They will also be expected to participate in monthly 'fellow rounds' which will consist of discussion of selected cases with chart reviews. A designated fellow will present 3-5 cases at these rounds. These cases will then be open for discussion from the other fellows, senior residents and staff members. Each fellow will therefore present rounds every 2-3 months. There will also be bi-monthly chart reviews with the fellow, the fellowship coordinator and the program director where the fellow will be asked questions pertinent to specific charts that are pulled for the occasion. This will be more a 'one-on-one' style in order to ascertain the fellow's knowledge base, judgment and decision-making ability.

The fellowship year is designed to improve your skills as an anesthesiologist and further your career. To meet that end, the programme is constantly being revised and modified to suit the individual's needs. Please make those needs known to the fellowship coordinator, and we will do our best to design your fellowship to optimize your experience.