Clinical Skills Anesthesia

COORDINATOR- DR. L. PATTERSON (pager 548-9643)

The rotation in Anesthesiology will be composed of two afternoon sessions

Monday: a didactic session and interactive workshop in airway management and siting intravenous cannulas. You will have an opportunity to sign up for an OR session on Thursday or Friday of the same week.

Thursday or Friday: a clinical view of anesthesiology in the operating room. It is hoped that each student will perform a preoperative history and physical on a patient whom they will then follow through their anesthetic and recovery. This experience obtained in this session is partly dependent on the OR scheduling.

The goals of these sessions are:

  1. To introduce you to the importance of preoperative assessment and preparation of patients for anesthesia and surgery.
  2. To reinforce the technical skills of intubation that you experienced in your second year session, and to introduce the skills of IV's, in an interactive non-operating room setting.
  3. To introduce you to the clinical arena of anesthesiology in the operating room, where you will have the opportunity to spend an afternoon.
  4. To explain the role of the anesthesiologist as a perioperative physician.


Monday 1230 -1330 hrs – bag lunch seminar (coffee supplied)  “Peroperative Assessment:”

1330 – 1630 hrs Interactive workshop   “Intubating and IV Skills”


Thursday OR session - groups finalized on a weekly basis

Friday OR session – groups finalized on a weekly basis

Arrive – 12:30 hrs SHARP dressed in greens

KGH operating room front desk – Connell 2


You must go to the linen room on Connell 0. Please bring a piece of photo ID in exchange for greens. Once you obtain these please go to the receptionist at the OR desk on Connell 2 indicating you will be in the OR with Anesthesia for the afternoon. The receptionist will direct you to the change rooms and when you return, notify the OR Manager of your arrival. The OR Manager will assign you to a room.

Lockers are not available for use. Please bring only what you can carry and leave any valuables at home. Please remember to wear your hospital photo ID with you at all times during your time in the OR.

You will spend the afternoon under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. Depending on the availability of cases we hope to enable you to follow a patient through from the preoperative visit until they are handed over to the care of the recovery nurses.

Take advantage of this opportunity in the operating room to learn the basics of an anesthetic, paying particular attention to how the patients underlying disease state and the surgical procedure interact with anesthesia.