Departmental Information

Anesthesiology, Victory 2
Kingston Health Sciences Centre
76 Stuart Street
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 2V7

Departmental Phone: (613) 548-7827
Departmental Fax:     (613) 548-1375  

Head, Dr. Joel Parlow
Deputy Head Clinical, Dr. Janet van Vlymen
Clinical Research Director, Dr. Louie Wang
Finance Director, Dr. Dale Engen & Dr. Rob Tanzola
Postgraduate Program Director, Dr. Melinda Fleming
Undergraduate Course Chair, Dr. Lindsey Patterson
Undergraduate Clerkship Coordinator, Dr. Robert Tanzola
Clinical Fellowship Director: Dr. John Murdoch
Director of Acute Pain: Dr. Melanie Jaeger
OR Managers and PACU: Dr. Susan Haley
Pre-admission Clinics: Dr. Janet van Vlymen

Committee Chairs
Executive Committee: Dr. Joel Parlow
Reappointments, Promotion: Dr. Dale Engen
Finance Executive: Dr. Dale Engen & Dr. Rob Tanzola
Resident Training Committee: Dr. Michael Cummings
Research Committee: Dr. Ian Gilron & Dr. Louie Wang
Academic Time Committee: Dr. Mike McMullen

Support Staff
Administrative and Financial Assistant, Angela McTaggart
Departmental Assistant and Undergraduate Program Assistant, Saulina Almeida
Postgraduate Program Assistant, Kim Asselstine
Department Secretary, Melanie McKay

Research Staff
Coordinator, Debbie DuMerton Shore
Research Nurse, Jessica Shelley
Clinical Research Facilitator: Rachel Phelan
Research Administrative Assistant: Dana Thompson-Green
Acute Pain Advanced Practice Nurse, Sue Vasily

Website:  Dr. J Parlow