Melanie Jaeger

Medical School: McMaster University (1990)

Anaesthesia Postgraduate Training: Queen's University (1997)

Additional Training:

  • Acute Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia Fellowship, University of Iowa (1998-2000)

Clinical Interests:

  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Acute Pain Management

Academic Interests:

  • Competency based medical education
  • Curricular design and assessment
  • Selected Publications
    • Jaeger M, Siemens DR, Wei X, Booth CM. Association Between Anesthesiology Volumes and Early and Late Outcomes after Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer: A Population-Based Study. Accepted to A & A 2017
    • Patterson L, Katsoulas E, Hastings A, Sanfilippo A, Jaeger M. Longitudinal Assessment of Procedural Skills. Accepted to Medical Teacher, 2016 PMID: 27552581
    • Doiron C, Jaeger M, Booth C, Wei X, Siemens DR. Is There a Measurable Association of Epidural Use at Cystectomy and Post-operative Outcomes? A Population Based Study. CUAJ 2016; 10 (9-10): 321-6. PMID: 27800053
    • Robert McGraw, Tim Chaplin, Conor McKaigney, Louise Rang, Melanie Jaeger, Damian Redfearn, Colleen Davison, Tamas Ungi, Matthew Holden, Caitlin Yeo, Zsuzsanna Keri, Gabor Fichtinger, Development and evaluation of a simulation-based curriculum for ultrasound guided central venous catheterization. CJEM, 2016: 18(6); 405-13. PMID: 27180948
    • Keri Z, Sydor D, Ungi T, Holden M, Fichtinger G, Mousavi P, McGraw R, Borschneck D, Jaeger M. Computerized training system for ultrasound-guided lumbar puncture on abnormal spine models: a randomized controlled trial. CJA 62 (7), 2015, 777-784. PMID: 25804431
    • David Burkett-St. Laurent, Melissa S. Cunningham, Melanie Jaeger, Sherif Abbas, Jason McVicar, Vincent W. Chan, Ahtsham U. Niazi. A valid and reliable assessment tool for remote simulation-based ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. RAPM 39 (6), 2014, 496-501. PMID: 25304481
    • Goldstein DH, Phelan R, Wilson R, Ross-White A, VanDenKerkhof EV, Jaeger M. Adoption of electronic medical records to enhance acute pain management. CJA: 61(2), 2014, 164-179. PMID: 24233770

University Responsibilities

  • Chair - SEAMO Deliverables Committee
  • SEAMO Executive Committee
  • SEAMO Resources Committee
  • Chair - OSCE Committee

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Competency Based Medical Education Lead

Contact Information: