Research Committee Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference and Committee Membership

Terms of reference:
  1. To help promote the development and maintenance of clinically important, sustainable, externally funded, and transdisciplinary research programs relevant to the Department.

  2. To help promote research training of Anesthesiology Residents and, in appropriate circumstances, also of Undergraduate/Graduate/Postgraduate Students/Fellows as well as Departmental Faculty members. 

  3. To help promote Knowledge Translation activities so as to maximize dissemination of research results from Departmental Research.

  4. To participate in ongoing review of the academic mission and strategic planning of the Department as they pertain to Research and Research Training.

  5. To participate in academic recruitment of Faculty, Staff and Trainees as they pertain to Research and Research Training.

  6. To participate in procurement and prioritization of research resources so as to optimally meet the needs of active Departmental research programs.

  7. To help provide peer review resources for new research programs and proposals


Committee Membership:
  • Chair(s)
  • GFT Member - Clinical Research Director/Supervisor of Nursing Research Coordinators/Supervisor of Departmental Research Facilitator
  •  GFT Member - Residency Research Coordinator/Annual Anesthesiology Research Day Organizer
  •  4 GFT Members
  •  1-2 Departmental Cross-appointees with a primary appointment in another Queen's University research department
  •  Departmental Research Nurse(s) and Facilitator(s)
  •  Departmental Academic Time Committee Chair (ex-officio)
  •  Department Head (ex-officio)