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Dr. Lindsey Patterson
Dr. Lindsey Patterson
Assistant Professor
Contact Info

Medical School: 

Leeds University, U.K.

Anaesthesia Postgraduate Training: 

Welsh Calman Training Scheme (Anaesthesia)

Additional Training

2 Year Clinical Fellowship, Kingston General Hospital 

Clinical Interests

  • Obstetrical Anesthesia
  • Difficult Airway Management

Academic Interests

  • Director, UGME Procedural Skills Program
  • UGME Professionalism Advisory Committee (member)
  • Curricular Council (member)

 Departmental Responsibilities

  • Undergraduate Education Coordinator
  • Education Committee (member)
  • Competence Committee (member)
  • Competency lead – Obstetric Anesthesia

Peer Reviewed Publications 

1.         Patterson LJ, Milne B. Latex Anaphylaxis causing heart block: role of ranitidine. 
            Can J Anesth  1999, 46:8 776 – 778.

2.         Patterson LJ, Avery N, Chan P, Parlow J. The addition of fentanyl does not alter the extent of spread of intrathecal isobaric bupivacaine in clinical practice. Can J                Anesth 2001, 48:8 768 -772.

3.         Henry R, Patterson LJ, Avery N, Tanzola R, Todd D, Hunter D, Nickel JC, Morales A. Absorption of alkalinized intravesical lidocaine in healthy and inflamed           bladders: A simple method for improving bladder anesthesia. Journal of Urology 2001: 165: 1900 – 1903.

4.         Patterson LJ, D. Hunter, Mann A. Appropriate waiting time for non-cardiac surgery  Views of Canadian Anesthesiologists. Can J Anesth. 2005, 52:4 440-441 (Editorial comment)

5.         Patterson LJ. Ottawa Anesthesia Primer Book Review. Can J Anesth 2013 60:1282-1283.  

6.         Patterson LJ. Eleni Katsoulas, Amber Hastings, Anthony Sanfilippo, Melanie Jaeger. Longitudinal Assessment of Procedural Skills. Longitudinal assessment  of  procedural skills Medical Teacher Vol. 38 , Iss. 9,201.